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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bach Flower Remedies: White Chestnut and Mental Torture

By Shalini Kagal

The Bach flower remedy White Chestnut in its positive state stands for tranquillity and peace of mind. In its negative state, however, it means just the opposite and the person suffers mental torture every single day. This gets so bad that it affects every area of his life and he just cannot go beyond what the repercussions of every action will be.


They suffer from headaches, usually frontal ones and their eyes tend to hurt. They find it difficult to sleep and even when they manage to, it is usually unrefreshing. Or they might wake up early and not be able to go back to sleep. Their face will reflect the tension they are going through and they grind their teeth very often. They just cannot relax and this is what White Chestnut helps them do.


Their mind is like an every-moving roundabout, never stopping, always going round and round. He is mentally exhausted because thoughts tend to take a hold of his mind and gnaw at it without a let-up. White Chestnut allows his mind to calm down and not be in an eternal loop of what he should have said or done.


He is so into what is going on in his mind that he really does not have the will or energy to nurture any relationships. He does not know how to be a giver as his whole energy is directed towards what he is going through in his mind. White Chestnut opens his heart to the prospect of love and caring and he slowly begins to reciprocate.


With a hyperactive mind, it is tough to turn one's thoughts to a higher plane. He is obsessed with what goes on in his mind and this makes him oblivious to his spiritual side. White Chestnut helps him take his mind away from the mental chatter and listen to the song his soul can sing, given a chance.

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