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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Developing Positive Ego

Developing a Positive Ego

... how do you develop yours?

Be conscious and be aware of your ego. Be in control of your ego, break the patterns of ego. It takes an ongoing effort to be aware of your Self first, not those around you. Especially when we have often been told to put others first. How do break the patterns of ego and bad habits when you are not aware of your Self first?  To develop positive ego, you must learn to balance your Self and your life first. Take care of your Self first because the problems lie with you, not those around you.

Be your Self.


What some embrace,
others do not ...

Be your Self.

To each his own.

Isn't that being selfish? I don't think so. If I take care of myself, no one else has to. In my opinion, I'm doing others a decent favor. Part of the problem is applying only one definition to the word selfish. It is wrong to have no thought nor concern for others. It is necessary, however, to spend time each day solely focused on your self. Think separately of "Self", then of "centered". "Center(ed)" meaning core, focus, or foundation. You must take care of your foundation; otherwise, you'll fall apart.

Many of us are too busy trying to prove ourselves selfless which is, strangely, in direct conflict with the control we try to affect in each others lives. It's no surprise, we forget we are the only ones in life who can see to our own needs. We are the only ones who can see to the root of our own health. If we don't see to our own needs, then we lose who we are. This is when negativity takes root and we begin to feel despair. It is also when many of us start looking for someone else to blame for our feelings of discontent.

If you get to this point, look inward to your Self. Focus on that self, and what has been neglected since the pattern of discontent transpired. Have you been taking care of your Self? Is someone stopping you from enjoying life? Who? Maybe if we believe we are responsible for our Self, we will stop looking for someone or something else to make us better.



If you love it, do it!


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