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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Dying Professor's Last Lecture

Top professors are often asked to give talks on the hypothetical theme: what wisdom would they impart to the world if it were their last chance to do so? Watching healthy teachers consider their demise and ruminate over subjects dear to them can make for an intriguing hour. But a recent speech by Dr. Randy Pausch of Carnegie Mellon University was more than just an academic exercise. The 46-year-old father of three has pancreatic cancer and is not expected to live longer than a few more months. His last lecture was a rollicking and riveting journey through the lessons of his life.

Dying 47-Year-Old Professor Gives Exuberant ‘Last Lecture’
1:44:08 - 4 years ago
Randy Pausch Almost all of us have childhood dreams: for example, being an astronaut, or making movies or video games for a living. Sadly, most people don't achieve theirs, and I think that's a shame. I had several specific childhood dreams, and I've actually achieved most of them. More importantly, I have found ways, in particular the creation (with Don Marinelli), of CMU's Entertainment Technology Center (, of helping many young people actually *achieve* their childhood dreams. This talk will discuss how I achieved my childhood dreams (being in zero gravity, designing theme park rides for Disney, and a few others), and will contain realistic advice on how *you* can live your life so that you can make your childhood dreams come true, too.

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