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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yin & Yang of Life

Yin & Yang of Life

Nina Hidayat
December 2, 2011 0

The complementing two elements – how to keep them hand in hand

Our life is generally centered around two very important elements:
Family/loved one/relationship
It is my belief that these two elements need to be balanced in order to create harmony in our lives. We can have a fabulous career which pays extremely well, but at the risk of taking up all our time or with no opportunity to meet someone to share our lives with. Or we could take the extreme and focus only on the relationship and end up realizing that our career is suffering from lack of focus or initiative.
Women in the early stages of life usually place more importance on the latter, i.e. career, often at the expense of her loved ones. Before we realize it, we start developing wrinkles and grey hairs and come home from work late every night to an empty home. I have been there. My sense of accomplishment was somehow always clouded by a sense of loneliness. I had no life, no one to come home to at night and my parents told me I was constantly edgy and short-termpered.
When I eventually decided to get a life, I fell in love, and fell deep. I wanted to give of my time and it was demanded of me. I lost all sensibility and threw myself into the relationship. My bosses noticed that I was often in dreamland or no longer on the ball with work matters. I became frustrated that my career wasn't progressing as well as it should, the promotions were not coming in, the increments were getting smaller along with the review ratings. Of course, the relationship also hit rock bottom given the stress levels at work and eventually I found myself more alone than ever without even a career to fall back on for saving grace.
Unbalanced once again.
After many years of trial and error, I have reached a balance in life. I am in a fulfilling relationship which doesn't take my focus away from a growing career, and similarly, my loved ones are very understanding given that I allocate priority to them at every opportunity.
Finally, the yin and yang balance is achieved.

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